Today’s Sectional Sofas

by Eric on March 30, 2009

If you think of a sectional sofa, you may think of those three-pieced, curved sectionals that used to be quite popular. Well, today’s modern sectional sofas are actually somewhat different than these older models. Some, in fact, are radically different.

The first upgrade to the sectional sofa was the inclusion of the easy chair. While the pieces looked mostly like the three-pieced curved sectionals, one section would lean back like an easy chair, complete with footrest at the bottom. Other additions included a concealed table in the middle of the sectional for drinks or plates. Often, the back of this part of the sofa folded down to form the table.

However, modern sectional sofas are a bit different than all of these. Few are curved in the traditional way, and many have more than three sections. Some, in fact, form an open square. These sectionals include one long piece across the back and two shorter pieces that come out on either side. They’re great for setting around a coffee table playing cards to chatting.

Others feature one very long piece and then a section that comes out from it that does not feature a back. It’s almost like a small bed on one side of the sofa. This is very nice for watching TV or reading. This type of sofa also makes a room look a little more open. If you have a guest staying over, you can even move the backless part over so that it’s even with the rest of the sofa to make a larger sleeping area.

Many sectional sofas also come with coffee tables and foot rests, too. This can give your living room a more coherent look and feel to it since the foot rest will be the same color. One final thing to note about modern sectional sofas is that they tend to be a little larger than old style sectionals, so you may need to consider the space you’re planning to put them in.

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