•Good and helpful! Will definitely buy from EBPeters again! S.H - Portland, OR

•Man these chairs are great. Good to see there's good honest business people left. W.S.- Visalia, CA

•Unbelievable. Ordered one day, shipped the next, received the next! Fantastic!! A+. R.P - Muncie, IN

About Us

EBPeters Modern Furniture offers modern or contemporary furniture including sofas, sectionals, chaises, bedroom sets, entertainment centers, barstools, dining sets, and much more.  Direct shipping means wholesale prices for high quality modern furniture shipped to your home.

The Vision

When we started looking around in 2000, we were deeply disappointed in the amount of quality, yet affordable, modern and contemporary furniture on the internet so we started EBPeters in 2001.  Local retail stores typically mark up their products 200% to 300%.  We found that our competitors online were enjoying the same mark up yet were structured to have incredibly lower overhead vs. a retailer.    We thought this was unreasonable so we set out to create our own online furniture store with two distinct goals.  Our immediate goal is to find and sell the finest quality furniture at the lowest possible price and make it available to everyone at anytime.  Our long-term goal is to become the #1 online seller of modern and contemporary furniture.

Meet the Staff

We employ a lean but mean staff.  We have a number of furniture finders that scour the Pacific Rim for the best deals on the best products.  These finders also quality check and approve all furniture before it makes its voyage to the US.  Our logistics warehouses are located in Chicago, Dallas, and Miami and is staffed with the right number of people to manage all receipts and deliveries of furniture.  Finally, the two owners are Leif and Eric and many times we will serve as your main points of contact on questions because it is important for us to stay in close contact with our customers. 

The Practice

Ordering furniture with us is easy.  We have gone to great lengths to provide a professional, easy to use, and secure web page for you to enjoy, browse, and purchase easily.  We are here to provide email or phone support to help with any of your questions throughout the pre-order or ordering process.  We also have an extensive FAQ section that answers dozens of the most common questions.  When you are ready to order, we accept three basic payment methods:  Online credit card payments with American Express, MasterCard, or Visa; Google Checkout; or money orders through the mail.  Once an order is placed, we send the order to the warehouse immediately.  At that time, we either have the order in stock and begin shipping to you in 3-5 days, or if it is made-to-order we place an order with the factory.  The factory makes the furniture to your specifications for color and layout.  Once completed, it is shipped via shipping container to one of our three logistics warehouses depending on the item.  For the smaller pieces, we use FedEx (US) or UPS (Canada) to ship to your home or business and will provide a tracking number for you to track.  The larger pieces are shipped via freight carrier or specialty furniture mover and on many items we have put together 2 levels of shipping service for you to choose from.  The freight carriers will contact you by phone to arrange final delivery at a time that is acceptable to you.  This entire process averages 8-14 weeks depending on product type and we meet our published delivery intervals 98% of the time.   The process took years to develop and it is well tested and works seamlessly.  Please contact us at any time with questions. 

Customer Value

Customer Value is the most important aspect of our business.  We maintain the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings with both the customer and our suppliers.  We expect our suppliers to uphold the same high ethical standards we do.  The impact each individual customer makes on our company is incredible and this fuels our goal to meet your individual needs.  We strongly encourage our customers to contact us with the slightest of questions and we promise that ALL requests will receive a timely response.  Finally, we have gone to great lengths to protect your privacy.  Your privacy is protected all the way from not selling or using your personal information to a completely secure, worry-free, online credit card purchasing system.

Made to Order vs. Current Inventory

The cost of furniture itself to the dealer is the same no matter where you go.  The difference is the amount of overhead and profit a company builds into their selling price to customers.  The majority of cost built into a retailer's furniture price is overhead.  They have to keep large quantities of furniture on hand, which does two things.  First, they have to keep a large warehouse that translates into higher costs for you.  Second, they are limited on the colors and configurations they can offer because it is not cost effective to carry 40 colors of a particular sofa set.  The same is true for online furniture dealers that carry large amounts inventory.  They enjoy lower overhead because they do not need a retail shop; yet, we have found they still sell at the same price as retailers.  Because of this, we have developed a sleek, just-in-time, made-to-order process on our sofas and sectionals.  Our factories already have the frames for the sofas built and when we receive an order, the factory simply upholsters it to your specifications, then ships it to the U.S.  This saves so much money for you that we are confident you will not find better deals for the same quality furniture on the Internet or in your local furniture store.  In fact, we have found that every $1000 you spend with us translates into roughly $2500 in a local furniture store and many online furniture stores.  You also do not have to pay sales tax unless you are an OK or IL resident (IL only applies to some items).  The made to order system we have created also saves time vs. other made-to-order companies you will find on the Internet.  Most of our smaller items and few of the larger items are stocked or near stocked and we feel we have the right mix of stocked vs. made to order items to best suit almost everyone's needs.