•Good and helpful! Will definitely buy from EBPeters again! S.H - Portland, OR

•Man these chairs are great. Good to see there's good honest business people left. W.S.- Visalia, CA

•Unbelievable. Ordered one day, shipped the next, received the next! Fantastic!! A+. R.P - Muncie, IN

7 Reasons to Buy Modern Furniture from EBPeters

Free Shipping on Most Orders
Modern furniture deserves free shipping as do you. We offer free shipping on nearly everything.  We would offer free shipping on all orders but some manufacturers require a shipping charge or they ask us to mark up the product an additional percentage (sometimes as high at 8-10%).  Our solution is to charge a single penny for this.  All other product offer free shipping each and every day.  So the price you see is the price you pay and if the penny thing is a problem on certain products let us know and we can mail you a penny or two back...we went to the bank and have a few rolls at our disposal. 

No Tax on All Orders
That's right. No taxes on any order ever. Pretty simple.

Low Price Promise
Shop around. We are confident we offer the lowest prices on our products. However, from time to time we may make an error, a competitor isn't following the rules, etc. If you see the same or lower price just let us know and we can match it and many time beat it.  Just make us an offer and we will let you know.  Every product has a place to let us know what you have a found and what we can do to earn your business.  And as always, we appreciate the opportunity to win your business.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We will always make sure you are satisfied by offering great products and service every time.  We have an incredibly knowledgeable staff that can answer your question up front, help you all through the ordering process, and take care of any problems that may arise.  We also offer a generous return policy with no restocking fees (no applicable on custom orders).  When you need support you will get it from a real human that is personable, knowledgeable and professional.  What could be better than being treated with a customer should be.

A+ Customer Service
You might deal with one of the owners when you call or fact the odds are pretty good because this is what they spend their time on most.  Customer service and helping the customer.  However, no matter who you reach you will reach a personable, knowledgeable and professional human being that has been in the furniture industry for 10+ years and is an expert on delivering modern furniture bought over the internet and delivered to your home...not as easy as it sounds but we have been doing this for a very long time and have become very good at it.

Secure and Safe Website - PCI PA-DSS
Our website is 100% PCI and PA-DSS certified from top to bottom.  This is a huge deal and not many websites can claim that.  In fact, after doing this for so long and specializing in internet modern furniture sales, many of them large dollar purchases, I would not buy from a site unless they are PCI and PA-DSS compliant.  Here is why:

Only Trust E-Commerce Sites That Are PCI Compliant.  It is the responsibility of the host company, software applications and storeowners involved in e-commerce to ensure their sites are following the rules of the PCI and PA-DSS.  In this modern world of identify theft and credit card scams, getting their hands on confidential and classified data is a booming business for hackers worldwide.  It seems that it cannot be stressed strongly enough just how vital it is to make certain that private information is encrypted and protected by all those involved in e-commerce activities. The truth is, many shopping cart systems available today are not PA-DSS compliant and many are not even considering becoming compliant because of the high expenses involved.

We are and always will be PCI and PA-DSS compliant.  It costs a bit more but your privacy and personal information is more valuable than any of the furniture we stock and sell. 

Family Owned
We are family owned and have been in business since 2000.  We are not a huge company named after a big river (you can actually call us).  You won't feel like a needle lost in the haystack.  We don't sell anything and everything over tons of websites that were bought with just the right website name to get good Google page rank or positioning.  Nope...none of that.  What we are is a modern furniture internet retailer that is family owned, does business the right way, lives and dies on customer referrals and repeat business, tests products and manufacturers to ensure good quality and survivability in a sometimes brutal shipping world, and much much more.  Try us, ask for Eric or Marla if we don't happen to be the ones that answer the phone and we are always happy to help.  Your business helps us live a hard working and modest life yet a very fulfilling one that gives us the ability to raise our children and offer them opportunities we may not have had growing up.  We appreciate each and every one of you.